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ZuuL - Creating an Adventure Game


2009-11-16, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

ZuuL - Creating an Adventure Game

This talk was conducted during the University Days of 2009, an event organized by the University of Hamburg. During those two days, it was held once each day by slightly different teams. On the first day, Patrick Schmolke held the first part, Christopher Schewe the second and I the last one; on the second day Oliver Bestmann took over for Patrick.

During the University Days, high school aged students had the opportunity to visit the various departments of the university, listen to talks and take part in projects. We showed our visitors the results from the Software Development practical course, which we had done some months prior.

The first part was ZuuL, the game we had developed, which we then explained and played with. Next we talked about software development in a team, which obstacles we faced and how we employed Extreme Programming techniques to overcome them. At the end, we explicated the idea of game design and talked about opportunities in that industry, relating to computer science and otherwise.



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