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A Miracle Cure to Boost Self-Efficacy and Enhance Study Competence


2014-01-28, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

A Miracle Cure to Boost Self-Efficacy and Enhance Study Competence

This Lightning Talk took place at the KunterBuntesSeminar organized by computer science students at the University of Hamburg.

In five minutes I demonstrated a simple method for computer science (and related) students in Hamburg to improve their study situation for very little effort. I provided a link to the official collection of documents that govern the individual degree programmes and showed how one can find the documents that are relevant to oneself. I ended the talk with a plea to spend the short amount of time that it takes to read these documents once and for all.



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Aman Agarwal
Aman Agarwal
2016-01-30 13:32:48

Not in English... :(

Is there a way I can get this advice in English? Any other article you could refer?