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Specific perceptions: motion, space, depth and size


2010-11-22, Dept. of Psychology, University of Hamburg

Specific perceptions: motion, space, depth and size

This talk was held in a course on cognitive psychology, together with two fellow students. My part was the one in the middle, about depth perception.

After the part about motion (in which I was only slightly involved), I introduced depth perception as a curious feat of the mind, in light of our retinas being two-dimensional. I then proceeded to explain how to feel the muscles in the eye, showed a variety of depth cues in still images and videos and explained binocular depth perception as a result of shifted retinal images. My part of the talk ended with a very brief neurological look at depth perception. We used the Ames room as a depth-based illusion as a transition to size and scale, the third an final part of the talk.



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