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Revelation Mentis – The first game I ever programmed



Revelation Mentis – The first game I ever programmed

Revelation Mentis is the first game that I programmed completely on my own.

It is based on the popular top-down action adventures of the 90s (The Legend of Zelda in particular). The task in the game is to be a hero and collect the four parts of a mystical artifact. To that end, obstacles such as bushes and chasms have to be overcome in the randomly generated 2D landscapes. A complete playthrough usually lasts no longer than a minute or two. All of the on-screen text is unfortunately only available in German, but the objectives should be obvious enough.

It was created in 1999 (with a slight overhaul in 2002) using Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 and symbolizes a milestone in my programming career, but my technical capabilities and my knowledge were of course limited, so the game really has no real justification to be played today at all. My first steps in programming consisted mainly of making changes to existing source code. Revelation Mentis was the first game (and also the first non-trivial software at all) that I wrote completely from scratch. The 629 lines of Pascal code incidentally also hide some bugs that have quite interesting effects in-game, but which I do not expect to ever fix after such a long time...

Revelation Mentis can be played right here on my website. Alternatively, there is a downloadable version, which may for example be run in DOSBox; the source code is also included.


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Aman Agarwal
Aman Agarwal
2016-01-30 13:29:06

Holy shit amazing!

2017-10-23 16:01:23