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Operant Conditioning


2011-06-08, Dept. of Psychology, University of Hamburg

Operant Conditioning

This talk was held by Annika Kolaska, Martin Selke and me during the seminar course for Allgemeine Psychologie 2. It is modeled after chapters 6 and 7 from James E. Mazur: Learning and Behavior. I was responsible for the last third about the two studies.

In the first part, Annika introduced and explained the fundamentals of operant confitioning as well as several relevant experiments. In the second part, Martin further illuminated and expanded on that knowledge. I then showed two studies in which operant conditioning was employed in two distinct fashions.



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2011-06-09 14:27:06

Du hattest um Feedback gebeten darum zu den Folien... -> zwischen 80-150 Wörter pro Folie ist einfach übertrieben :) -> Vortragsstil war angenehm bei Annika und dir -> Vielleicht an Zuhörer denken, also z.B. 2 Minuten für eine Zusammenfassungsfolie einplanen, dann ist auch "Schreibt ihr überhaupt mit?!" von euch gut organisiert ;)