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Unemployment from a psychological perspective

2012-06-12, Dept. of Psychology, University of Hamburg

Unemployment from a psychological perspective

This talk was conducted in the auxiliary seminar for the course Employment- and Organizational Psychology by a group of three students of which I was one.

After a short clarification of some important vocabulary, we supplied an overview of the employment-related legislation of the last ten years in Germany, with a strong focus on the Hartz laws. As a little intermezzo, we showed an excerpt from Volker Pispers' cabaret programme concerning Hartz IV. After that, we explained the details of a study about the subjective wellbeing of long-term unemployed people in relation to an initative called Arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahmen. We concluded the talk with a plenary discussion on some specialized questions.

OpenAccess and web publishing for students

2012-01-12, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

OpenAccess and web publishing for students

This talk took place in the KunterBuntesSeminar organized by the Computer Science students.

It was about the general topic OpenAccess and the possibilities for students to participate by publishing their own work online. To encourage that, motivational impulses were provided, publishing platforms were described and Creative Commons was explained and discussed.

My first free software

2011-12-23 00:35:36

Für Alles gibt es ein erstes Mal. Ich kann mich noch daran erinnern, wie ich das erste Mal einen Programmcode kompiliert habe. Das waren damals Turbo-Pascal-Schnipsel und ich erarbeitete mir im Selbststudium genug davon, um eigene kleine Spiele unter DOS erstellen zu können.

Paradoxerweise programmiere ich trotz Informatikstudium heute eher weniger als damals. Meine Webseite ist im Prinzip mein einziges Bastelprojekt, in dem ich mich austobe wenn ich etwas Erholung vom Universitätsstoff brauche. Ganz ungestört für mich selbst zu entwickeln hat auf jeden Fall seinen Reiz, umso mehr wenn die Besucher meiner Webseite dadurch auch noch tolle neue Features gewinnen.

Erst vor ein paar Stunden hat es für mich noch ein anderes erstes Mal gegeben: Ich habe gerade das erste Mal Quellcode von mir frei lizensiert und veröffentlicht.

Interaction in the Blogosphere

2011-07-30, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

Interaction in the Blogosphere

Abstract: Blogging is an interesting phenomenon not only from a socio-cultural and medial perspective. The "blogosphere", as the collective set of all blogs and their authors is sometimes called, has adapted and developed a whole range of interaction patterns. In this paper, I give an overview of the methods which bloggers use to communicate with their readers and with each other, and for what kind of communication they are typically used. Furthermore, blogging is explained in the context of the medial development of our culture.

This paper has been written for the Computergestützte Kooperation course. I chose to develop the topic of blogs mostly towards interaction patterns.

Interaction in the Blogosphere

2011-05-24, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

Interaction in the Blogosphere

This talk was held in the course Computer-Supported Cooperative Work.

I started by explainig "blogging" as such and what it's about, then going into interaction patterns frequently found on blogs. Among those were comments and their structure, Trackbacks and Pingbacks as well as social media widgets. I ended with two scenarios concerning anonymous blogging and the use of blogs for knowledge management by enterprises, respectively, as well as a brief look at a possible future for blogging.

Software that I end up avoiding

2011-04-10 20:01:08

Having recently acquired a brand-new smartphone, I'm still fiddling around with the system, installing apps and configuring things. So far I'm really happy with it, a definite step up from my previous cell phone (and that one wasn't even that old).

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the new one has an office app installed on it by the vendor. Inspired by a semi-recent article on OSNews, I'd been wondering what a good mobile office UI might look like, so I was eager to have a look at this one that came free with my phone. It's called ThinkFree Office and supposedly it works really well. Unfortunately I never actually could look at it. How come? Because the EULA is completely friggin' ridiculous. And here's why.

Free Software for Beginners

2009-06-16, VMP5, University of Hamburg

Free Software for Beginners

This talk was prepared and held by various volunteers (Alexander Beifuß, Kai Hildebrandt, Tim Krämer and me) for the "Bildungsstreik" event in 2009, where regular university courses were supplemented by talks and courses created by students for students.

In this talk, we introduced the audience to the idea of free software and its importance. Afterwards, we played a game of "guess which is copyleft" as can be seen on the slides.

RFID - Capabilities and Dangers

2008-11-24, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

RFID - Capabilities and Dangers

In this talk I gave an overview of the status quo concerning RFID and related technologies.

Since it was conducted in the "Computer Science and Society" course by Professor Valk, there was a strong focus on social implications of RFID, possible erosion of privacy and lobby organizations, though I also briefly spoke about job opportunities for CS graduates. A short technical introduction for people unfamiliar with the technology was also given.

The presentation included a live demonstration of a portable RFID card reader, which was able to read RFID tags from students who courageously volunteered to have their wallets scanned.