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2011-06-29, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg


This talk was held as the first of three accompanying short talks for the Interaction Design course.

I gave an introduction into the world of "gamification" and explained how people came up with the idea of enriching application software with playful elements. The content of this talk was limited, as it was meant to be a starting point for further individual research. The discussion among the audience concerning viable implementations and more examples worked well to complete the event.

AarophY - Trailer

2010-02-03, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

AarophY - Trailer

This video was created by Janina Nemec, Christopher Schewe and me for the Interactive Visual Computing course at the Department of Computer Science, University of Hamburg. The visuals are entirely made with POV-Ray 3.6.

This is a trailer for a fictional adventure game called AarophY, conceived as a sequel to the game ZuuL, which was developed in a different university course by a team of which Janina, Christopher and me were members. ZuuL, a rudimentary "dungeon crawler" with top down perspective, is where many of the ideas in this trailer originated - for example the cheese and sausages that seem to be strewn around the chambers.

Shouts out go to Bastian Ruhrmann, who generously donated a custom piece of music originally created for a different project. The song that's played during the credits is called "I Feel Fantastic", sung and played by the fabulous Jonathan Coulton, and is used under CC-BY-NC.

We used a POV-Ray torch flame originally created by Kenneth W., for whom I unfortunately could not find a contact address (if you're reading this and want to be credited more/differently, let me know!), and a fur texture by Rune Skovbo Johansen, who has lots of cool and useful POV-Ray information, among other things, at his website:

Feel free to have a look at other movies created for IVC.

This video is released under CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0. Some of the material we used may also be available under different licenses from other sources.

ZuuL - Creating an Adventure Game

2009-11-16, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

ZuuL - Creating an Adventure Game

This talk was conducted during the University Days of 2009, an event organized by the University of Hamburg. During those two days, it was held once each day by slightly different teams. On the first day, Patrick Schmolke held the first part, Christopher Schewe the second and I the last one; on the second day Oliver Bestmann took over for Patrick.

During the University Days, high school aged students had the opportunity to visit the various departments of the university, listen to talks and take part in projects. We showed our visitors the results from the Software Development practical course, which we had done some months prior.

The first part was ZuuL, the game we had developed, which we then explained and played with. Next we talked about software development in a team, which obstacles we faced and how we employed Extreme Programming techniques to overcome them. At the end, we explicated the idea of game design and talked about opportunities in that industry, relating to computer science and otherwise.

Project Natal

2009-06-24, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

Project Natal

This was a 5 minute talk held by me in the Human Computer Interaction course conducted by Professor Oberquelle.

It's a short introduction into the then-known facts (and rumors) about Microsoft's Natal. Specifically, I briefly talked about the cameras and the technical setup. Half of the five minutes were spent watching the official trailer.

This talk happened a few weeks after the initial announcement of Natal, so there wasn's very much information available.