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2009-06-24, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg


This talk was held during the Lightning Talk session in the KunterBunteSeminar, a workshop conducted by the students of the Computer Science department, University of Hamburg.

Explaining a rather simple example step by step, I introduced the participants to the idea of polyglot programs. I showed how some typical polyglot techniques work by highlighting them on a hybrid C/PHP/bash program that fits on one slide.

After that, we briefly looked at some rather frightening examples of polyglot programming combining many languages.

This talk was aiming for amusement over learning. As such, it was rather light-hearted, though well-received. Trivia: It set that day's record for most slides to successfully go through in 5 minutes (50 slides in this case).



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2010-03-26 14:49:57

Wooha! Das sieht ja mörderisch böse aus. Schade, dass ich den Talk vermisst habe :/