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Introduction to LaTeX


2009-11-19, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

Introduction to LaTeX

This talk was held in the KunterBunteSeminar, a workshop conducted by the students of the Computer Science department, University of Hamburg.

It was conceived as a general introduction to working with LaTeX for absolute beginners. I gave an overview of how LaTeX documents are structured and how packages are included. Next, I spent a lot of time going over the most important and well-known packages (such as KOMA-Script and Beamer). Also included were some handy tips and tricks that hopefully help making LaTeX fun instead of daunting.

At the end, we had a look at the LaTeX code of some example documents I prepared: a simple official-looking letter, a term paper, and the very slides for this presentation.



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2010-11-23 03:08:25

Can you also make the tex source public?

2010-11-23 03:09:25

I just want to know how to make the rounded frame box. did you use fancybox??

Julian F.
Julian F. (via
2010-11-23 06:25:26

The rounded corners are a feature of the listings package, see its documentation (pages 15, 16 for an example, page 34 for details).

The sources are available at, where the KBS is organized.