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Developing a software tool for interpreting Gymnasium students' grades


2014-01-13, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

Developing a software tool for interpreting Gymnasium students' grades

Abstract: During the final years at the gymnasium – Germany’s highest tier of secondary education – many students become increasingly aware of the extent that their grades (particularly the final Abitur grade) influence their career opportunities. Unfortunately, the laws and regulations concerning the aggregation of all the different grades are complex, sometimes even prohibitively opaque. In particular, it is difficult to interpret the existing grades and detect potential problems while the Abitur is still in progress. In this bachelor’s thesis, an effort is made to support the student consultation at one German school by implementing a system that is capable of assisting students with this task. Relevant information is drawn from partially available grades, processed and presented to the students. To that end, a development process in accordance with User Centered Design takes place.

This thesis constitutes the official end of my studies and awards me the degree Bachelor of Science in Human Computer Interaction. Planning and implementing a practical software project contrasts nicely with my more theoretically focused previous thesis.



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