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Articles available in ePub format

2011-09-09 15:21:06

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From now on my articles are available next to the PDF format even in the ePub format for you. I hope I can make this an even wider audience. If you have an e-reader (e.g. a Kindle), a tablet (like an iPad or a Galaxy Tab) or a smartphone to read using this format may lead to a more pleasant reading experience for you.

So why not take advantage of the opportunity and take a look at some "classic"? The following works are ready for you in the ePub format:

Let me know if something does not work with your reader or you notice problems with the ePub. I've never done that before and it is possible that errors may have crept. Many thanks to the people in the e-reader forum, who for me eagerly tested on multiple devices and given me feedback.

What actually is ePub?

The ePub format is a standard for electronic books. For e-readers and other reading devices with small displays are PDF files only limited applications, because the layout (usually A4) is fixed, so that either the font is tiny or a line does not fit on the screen so that there is as lot of back-and-forth scrolling. The ePub format, however, allows flowing text that can be adapted to the particular display situation. More info is available, as always, on Wikipedia.

Apart from the flexibility, there is something else I like about the ePub format: It is much, much easier than with PDF files, to edit the files. (There is also DRM for ePub, but I choose to ignore it. My files are clean and free, of course.) That means that it is much easier now for you, to exercise the rights granted to you via th Creative Commons to adapt and further use my texts.

EPub files are technically not much more than zipped (X)HTML with a little sugar, so if existing ePub editors like Sigil are not enough for you, just unzip the ePub file, start vim / emacs / the text editor of your choice and do something creative with my writing (in compliance with the CC license, of course)!


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