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Humble Indie Bundle 3 (plus raffle)

2011-08-04 21:58:49

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Organized at irregular intervals, and just the third time the people of Wolfire Games a project that PC games from the independent sector bundles, which can be purchased at self-selected price. (A portion of the amount, the amount you can also define themselves, goes to charity.) All included games are free of DRM restrictions, and run on Windows, Linux and MacOS X. The whole thing is then called "Humble Indie Bundle 3" and deserves a closer look. In addition, ever anticipated: Today there is something to win!

Humble Indie Bundle 3

In the current bundle, there are some real jewels. Alone Crayon Physics Deluxe it really worth it already: The game is about to solve Rube Goldberg-style puzzles by painting objects with crayons in the world. The aesthetics are incredibly well managed and the learning curve is both appropriate for children, but leaves much room on the other hand, for optimization. VVVVVV is a bit more for hardcore gamers of the old school, a lo-fi arcade-style action adventure with a twist: Instead of jumping, the character direction reverse gravity and switch between the floor and ceiling, hampered by the spines and other typical pitfalls. Another must is And Yet It Moves, another game in which the gravitational force can be influenced but that is implemented in a completely different way, especially aesthetically. The other two games in the current bundle, Cogs and Hammer Fight, I Unfortunately due to time constraints have not played yet.

As if that were not enough, the makers of the bundle over the last few days even without reloading the end of bonus content: Each buyer will also receive the game Steel Storm for free. Who provides the purchase of the current average bid, which also receives five games of the second Humble Indie Bundle, including Braid and Machinarium, both games that you should not miss under any circumstances. On top is a time to 14 August temporary access to the full version of Minecraft.

The charitable organizations that are supported are the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play, where the money is safe is well spent.

Now I've already talked too much. Those who prefer to make a visual impression of the games, may be best view the promotional video for the Humble Indie Bundle 3 (and/or the second Bundle). More video recommendations:

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 runs only five more days. Convinced? Then run and get it, or perhaps continue and read more...


Because I like the idea of ​​the bundle so great, I want to you, dear reader, for a small raffle. Maybe you just do not have enough financial cushion and you want the bundle not brazenly buy for a penny, or maybe you have no way to pay online, or you are by nature not as much of a gamer and are now curious but do not want to make the effort, or you have other reasons to have not yet bought the bundle.

If you belong to this group, I would like to give you a Humble Indie Bundle 3! It is paid fairly generously, and contains all the aforementioned extras.

Here are the terms and conditions: You are eligible to win if you explain to me in a comment to this blog entry as good as possible why I should give you the bundle. Convincing arguments with me, convincing me with humor, or somehow convincing me otherwise, it's up to you. Please leave an email address also, if you do not personally know me or don't have a different communication channel to me. If I do not know how to reach you, then you do not win it. This coming Saturday the 6th August clock is at 20:00 deadline, then I pick the winner. The result will be announced on Saturday here.

I hope for your ingenuity!


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