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Bachelor thesis report 8

2010-09-04 17:11:38

keywords: bachelor thesis, Teachlets

The events come thick and fast, it is now progressing at a breathtaking pace. Does it, too, if I want to do that before the end of the month... But after recent discussions with Axel, I'm cautiously optimistic. With a little discipline and happiness is what.

I was wondering if I should increase the tempo or the frequency of these reports offers this week on account of the many new information. I think it this way: Every Tuesday evening, as usual definitely a report. In between there are any further when the news flow justifies. How is the the next four weeks so we'll see.

Revised Outline

Based on your comments and feedback from Axel I have the outline again thoroughly revised. Here is the current version:

  1. Introduction
  2. The idea teachlet
    • Definition of similar methods
  3. Definition
    • The original definition and its limits
    • Updated Definition
  4. Previous teachlet practice
    • Reports from moderators
  5. (Simulation)
  6. Summary

Teachlet the idea is now a separate section and no longer below the introduction. The demarcation has been added. The definition remains the same chapter, on the chapter follows the recent implementation of teachlet and the reports from the interviews. In Chapter 5 I have yet occurred is not a good title. In the chapter will discuss the question of what happens when you single "essential" parts of the new definition (for example, the draft discussion or working software) completely omit and whether the unit remains could "teachlet" call. Such a controversial example is the iPhone from teachlet report 6, in which there was no discussion draft in the sense that it in a common and usually teachlet is required. Nevertheless, all parties agree that the event is to, well, gave teachlet spirit and to count as teachlet is. The chapter is like from there a thought experiment to further help narrow down the teachlet concept and make it conceivable.

I also tried to address in this second division the following criticisms:

  • The lack of demarcation of similar methods has been included explicitly.
  • The current status and the current practice be dealt with before the visions of the future and not the other way around. The chapter on the definition is an exception because I think it looks appropriate to the new definition directly to the old urge to connect and not the remaining bulk of the work in between.
  • The chapter headings are no longer formulated as questions. This corresponds to hopefully have more common conventions.

Of course, the breakdown is still not set in stone. Probably will happen by the end of the work much of it.


Three interview dates have been announced:

  • Di, 07.09., 2pm, Axel Schmolitzky
  • Di, 07.09., 4pm, Carola Lilienthal
  • Mo, 13.09., 11am, Christian Späh

That being said I have a short written response to the issue of Kai Meyer. I'm curious to see how the interviews and what to run as it is. By the way I (questionnaires, etc.) to further empirical means decided, as I hope to clarify through the interview portion of all the important and the effort I think for me does not pay.

For the record, I'm going to use it directly to my laptop (thanks anyway for the offer vollkorn!).


If I'm fast, then you can read last week may have some results of the interviews. At least there is a brief report from me as they ran. In addition, my goal is to write over the weekend and on Monday at least the chapter 3, after the introduction and the chapter on teachlet idea (still without definition) already exist and are waiting for feedback from Axel.

The date for the colloquium lecture crystallized the way, just the 4.10. out, but not guaranteed. Who wants to listen to the retained earnings may be the afternoon of the 4th October, perhaps without ever met. A proper invitation will also give more once the date has been tapped and I have the confirmation that there is no master-enrollment period or so hurt...


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