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Bachelor thesis report 23

2010-12-06 21:46:38

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Welcome to the twenty-third and last (!) report on my bachelor thesis on teachlets. A phase of my life comes to an end... Today is the big day: the day of delivery, the day of publication. In that sense, I am delighted to present you without extravagance:

The Teachlet concept: possibilities and limits of a method for teaching software design (INFDok)

In the last few reports I've pretty much tells about the last steps before publishing, so come today to deliver consistent information and publication in itself, followed by a conclusion on these reports.

As a bachelor working their way into the office study finds

The actual delivery of the work was ultimately not incredibly spectacular. I'm extra early today from a course out to the opening time of the study offices (1pm) to be where I then met Mrs Wilsdorf, who has taken my three bound and signed copies plus CD-ROM. (Because it is St. Nicholas day now glued I have on each paper a little chocolate Santa, which she found quite funny, thanks to Janina for this idea) After about 15 seconds that was it already - no fanfare, no confetti... Well, now I have the entire thing in any case completely behind me and can wait in silence on the grade by my supervisor. I hope I can get my bachelor's testimony at the graduation ceremony in January, I know - there are two times a year, this would be the "big" in the summer exactly the opposite.

Publishing a thesis

About the pros and cons publication of a bachelor's thesis was already discussed here several times. Especially publications of preliminary versions are not contested, but it was related to the topic feedback written enough here already. Today I came to publishing the finished version, as has been done with me now. For contrast, speaks in my eyes pretty much nothing.

I can think of two cases in which I can understand if someone would not publish their thesis. One is a work with an external company to publish the necessary framework addition, for reasons of confidentiality objections. (Whether you want to get involved as a student on the other question, but if that is happening, then you have to be consistent, of course.) The other is a work that was written to "pass" only with a claim to one and the the author would never be brought back here. I know those situations in which I give for a study power only the bare minimum, because when I think the learning goal misses the value, that can happen. But with a bachelor's thesis it should be the absolute exception, right?

This contrasts with the many reasons to own scientific work to be disclosed in advance, of which I would like to mention only a few:

  • People interested in this. It's really true. For just over half a year I put all my stuff here on my website and I keep getting this feedback and requests - mostly from fellow students, sure, but even by people from other parts of Germany and other countries of the world (!). People come to my site via search engine, in search of something, which I once held a lecture and have put the slides online. This makes me quite proud. A few weeks ago I received an email from a man who had seen in my term paper "many interesting ideas" and asked me if he take me for a job could inspire as a software developer in Hamburg. Many students believe that nobody is interested in what they do - just as if will be allocated only after studying some switch and then you can make "real" science. This is wrong people, your results are valuable!
  • In the Internet era, the cost for publishing a text, very, very close to zero. Those with no website can still rely on external support, e.g. computer science at Hamburg on INFDok (see below). In the past and today, science has a lot of time and resources lost by the fact that things have been discovered and investigated several times because people were just lazy publication. Why?
  • The bulk of my studies paid despite tuition fees continue to be the public sector, i.e. the tax payer. This is done in the hope that I would even properly with my professional training do something for Germany, of course. But who knows me knows that I do not like to have debts. I therefore find it useful to return to the public now, what do I get through my studies. My bachelor thesis is a tangible result of "scientific importance" that any further, it can use constructive science. Should operate the store.

Because I believe in a free-access scientific world, I publish my final paper in CC-BY-SA. The theme "What licenses for it and what should I use them?" I will start writing a blog entry. Only this much: This license allows any reader to distribute the document further and to write on constructive work, as long as my name is mentioned here and the results again under such a free license (copyleft).


The computer science library has a full text server for scientific work in our department. There, students can publish their work (but only if a professor or a research assistant confirmed the scientific relevance of the work). This is pretty straightforward and I have taken the opportunity. The advantages of this service, I quote from the library website:

  • Immediate worldwide availability of the publication without delay by making, printing and distribution;
  • Long-term archiving with a permanently stable and quotable Internet address
  • Free publication opportunity for the author
  • Full text search of the entire publication,
  • Formal and thematic development of the computer science library,
  • Bibliographic evidence in the online catalog of the library and in national library directories.
  • For an author or an author with INFDok offers the opportunity to build a central electronic full-text archive of his publications.
  • Alerting service our RSS feed of the latest publications
  • Open-Access interfaces to search engines
  • Access Statistics

The fun is completely free and is maintained by the computer science library, which indeed is already known for its responsive service. The idea of an open-access catalog, I personally find great - and hey, I'm not alone, see OpenAccess Award 2010. I can only strongly promote the project and encourage you to provide your work there. The library staff advises you surely! In this connection I would like to thank Mrs Obernesser, who has agreed to the publication of the work now in sync with my own conduct and otherwise was always helpful during the process.

Just a little meta

With today's release and publication of the work end and the weekly progress reports. I must say that I had a lot of fun to document the origin! Initially, there were dire predictions that this is not worth it and whether there is anyone interested. I can only say that I would have been happy beforehand if anyone ever would have written, how it can run that there is demand, and even the last FB18 Thread has shown on return.

In addition, the reports have really helped motivate me, especially in the hot phase from week to week and over again. The embarrassment, longer time to be inactive and then get into time trouble, I could happily avoid. In addition, it helped me a lot, all to reflect again and again. I have used the reports to me things to consider before and afterwards to reflect on and further improve. I'm pretty sure this has a positive effect on the overall quality of work. Last but not least I also get a lot of feedback from you, my readers, that has helped me also. Overall, I have never seen the letter as a burden, because I usually in the form of a simple stream of consciousness written all that is me so come to mind. My guess is not even particularly fast, but more than half an hour or an hour I've spent rare.

It's always nice when little work provides much of the imitation is therefore strongly recommended. I'm curious about how your work is being completed. There is indeed no one think that my way is the only way. Who does it for me?

On to the future

The study continues and the next thesis is determined. Until then, my blog will be refilled from time to time with information on topics that interest me. Keep this URL in the eye (or these) or subscribed to my feed so that you do not miss anything. If you know more, read my final paper and spread them further. Thank you for your loyalty! See you later!

  • Julian


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