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Bachelor thesis report 21

2010-11-23 19:25:37

keywords: bachelor thesis, Teachlets

This is the third last bachelor work report, about two weeks before the final submission of work. Much of the text is not going to happen. I'm expecting a bit of feedback, but otherwise the rest is administrative: bind, print, make and stuff. Today I will tell briefly what it says in the most recently formed chapter, and then come to work when submitting the relevant matters.

Beyond teachlet

This provisional title got the last sub-chapter that I wrote last week. They are really just two pages once again become, where I thought the absolute core aspects of teachlet removed from the concept and look what happened. Partly this very interesting methodological approaches have emerged, in part, the results were not overly exciting (we teachlet and remove the interactivity - yippie, we invented the classic lecture...) to clear mental dead ends, such as methods of excluding participants.

From the open ends I let bother me but not otherwise, the chapter was already planned as a bonus and should serve merely as a small view. And quite honestly, now I'm also fed up with the work. It has a whole lot of fun, but I simply no longer wanted to breed any longer on this text, where he feels ready for me for two months. Well, now it's almost ready.

Output modalities

When registering I have the 6th December received as the deadline - the day three months after the confirmation of registration by the audit committee chairman. Later than that day do I have to work in the Office of Studies, and I must pay attention to the opening times. In my case, on Monday, is the e.g. only in the morning.

The levy is to take place in three written and bound form and on CD. (The test procedure is called a "suitable electronic storage medium," it says in the leaflet issued by the consultants, it should be a CD.) Of course this is stupid if it has been burning for years, no more CDs and give away the dusty discs already has. Capitalism to the Rescue: In an electronics retailer in my area you can actually one blank CD now (for 70 cents). I have made the same times. Let's hope that nothing goes wrong during the burn ...

The explanation that I have stolen no texts or concealed sources, I have already been created, including permission to take course work for the library in their stock. Since I will not distribute any more pre-release versions, I have ever cleaned up the document a little: I've entered the license reference and the relevant metadata from the watermark. It's been everything looks pretty clean and final.

The binding I will probably perform in the computer science library, as there is the opportunity for students to make the charge. Three copies must give me, then I'll probably still one each for my supervisor and one for my own use. At (now) a total of 60 pages each, are the least 360 printed pages, from a cost point is not to be neglected again. Actually, I would have really very happy on paper - I know un-eco, but still respectable. My little inkjet printer will not take part in this, however, a useful quality-cost measure. I must find you what the computer science data center says if I want so much to print on one A4 color printer they have. Price method is not likely to hit. If they tell me off, I might look around for me after a good but cheap store that does for me. Or anyone of you knows a better way?


Next week at this time, I prefer the feedback closure. This means that Axel has only until then time to give me feedback. He has, however, on the screen, I yesterday already so get a mail from him. Also, I thankfully still get feedback from Jan, which I'm very excited.

Next week's a short report that is what I get to feedback and what I have already worked or still have. Over the rest of the week then passes the printing and binding. The last report, I am announcing now ever before for a day: It makes sense, the very last (promise!) report directly on Monday the 6th write. I'm looking forward. But first up next week!


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