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Bachelor thesis report 15

2010-10-13 09:51:58

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This week, I welcome you back with some self-induced delay, for that I apologize. Hopefully, could bridge the last blog entry for a more relaxed about time. Today, there are first time about the current developments, which are not many. Then there's a few tips that I think is important, and I might have helped if someone had given me six months ago. Maybe something useful is.


The phase for open feedback goes up to and including the day after. Unfortunately, there is no response, now I wait even if just before the end even someone reports. Axel has agreed to discuss the work to start next week again with me. I am curious if there is still much to improve.

This is followed then an editorial phase. If the content of the work is complete, I take care of things like the correction of typographical errors, improvements of formulations and a proper typesetting. Especially for the latter assumes LaTeX course I have over a lot of work, but in some places I have certainly not correct by hand.

Perform a Bachelor thesis on success

Probably the most interesting question for someone who himself would soon write a Bachelor thesis, how to effort divides good and things within the prescribed time periods. This ability comes to no one in the cradle. To hope is that it has been practiced during the study ever on a smaller scale (proseminar, seminar, practical course and project reports, etc.). Nevertheless, I would like to give you a few pointers as I am working to address and what has helped me, well enough to stay on schedule.

Have a current schedule at any time. I myself have never before been the subject of a calendar was caught and registered when I have time for the Bachelor thesis and when other events that will occur in the planned period. Also, I've been thinking of when I fit it from studying the "official" three months on the best in the planning. That circumstances change later and move appointments can correct, of course, should not lead to abandon the plan completely from the outset. To paraphrase Axel: Change to a plan is the least of the problems when you have a plan at all.

Be flexible, but set priorities. The crux of time management is that normally are constantly new tasks and appointments. "Next week I have more time" is almost always a fallacy. A certain dynamic in the schedule can not be avoided, especially if one needs to adjust to other people. Nevertheless, at all times be clear how important is the progress of thesis compared to other things. Since this is a remarkable performance, must be made somewhere compromising with security. For me it was like I had in the summer, other activities that have led to the start of my bachelor work was rather slow. The topic was already fixed a long time, but I've hardly worked at first because there was more pressing. Then the work was done but also so right and then I have other things for now must put what, for example, has been felt sorry for the computer science OE. Especially in August and September it was finally time that I've seen the work as my bachelor's most important task and have dropped some other things.

Find and keep in touch with your supervisor. Their mission is to give you all the necessary assistance in order to write a good scientific work. Moreover, we should not fool ourselves: Your supervisor will determine the grade of the most important piece of all for the bachelor's degree. Why let yourself be put off with empty promises and half-baked information. With the primary advisor, you should from the outset and maintain a close contact you get regular feedback on your progress. Some people have a tendency to work the idea for weeks behind closed doors to something great to show up after a super hero with the final miracle-working. Some workers support this idea, by the continuous contact to resign to save his own time. However, says the experience that the standard Bachelor thesis writer is thus on the nose because it is the first "real" scientific work indicated. I had every now and again the situation that I did not know if I'm doing something right or if things go the way I present myself. Just for matters of primary advisor is there. Hang out with him regularly, at least every two to three weeks, and keep contact in between, for example, e-mail. At each meeting with your supervisor should, in addition to matters of content, including the following issues are discussed:

  • Is the progress since the last meeting satisfactory? Should the timing be adjusted?
  • Are there ways to enhance the work?
  • Functions cooperation continue? If writers and coaches both satisfied with each other or is there a need for clarification?

If someone wants to delve deeper into the topic: Axel has published a paper that I find highly recommended. It is thought that it speaks with the supervisor by and see what you would like to implement the patterns. You can download it at SWT: Patterns for supervising Thesis Projects (PDF)

Make up your mind about formalities and bureaucratic process. Question students from higher semesters of how they wrote their Bachelor's thesis (ideally, you'll find some who were with the same supervisor as you). Read the examination regulations and the specific technical provisions, as are the terms and provisions in it. Find out when you have to make what application and where the protocol. (Hint: pre-filled application of the work signed by both supervisors at the start of working hours, minutes of the colloquium with your data to the colloquium, submission of work when they finish the required written statements from you.) Search for guidelines for articles and seminar papers for the working area of your supervisor.

Motivate yourself by entraining others. Think about who could be interested in your work, and refer these people with one. You have to write it yourself, but that is not prohibited that of ideas and feedback as many pages would be - on the contrary. Do you think we've found the way other people do something good. Maybe you write such reports as I have here. Especially in the drier phases a good part of my motivation was because I write my work not only for me but for all those interested in teachlet this world and for the dozens of people who read along these reports because they are for the development of my bachelor thesis of interest. Find out about open access. False modesty is not a good reason, your work to be gathering dust on your hard drive. Free Access to Science improves the world, so do your research freely available.


Some days it's "wait" or, at least then there's the feedback from Axel and maybe more. Next Tuesday I will summarize the feedback phase, and tell what I want to work in much detail. Maybe there is then again an updated schedule. Until next Tuesday!


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2010-10-18 21:22:43

Hey Julian, spannend spannend - ich drücke dir die Daumen das alles gut läuft :D Und wenn ich auch mal soweit bin komme ich mal auf deine Tips zurück ^^