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Bachelor thesis report 12

2010-09-21 21:02:28

keywords: bachelor thesis, Teachlets

It's Tuesday and there's a whole chunk of news related to my planning for the next few weeks. Content, there this week not so much to read. Brief status update: Chapter 5 is almost completely finished, still missing chapters 3 and 6 (both not so difficult) and the reference to similar methods. In order not to bore you with unnecessary details of the timetable is now on the home straight.

Planning for the coming weeks

Today is the 21th September.

  • 1 October: The work should be finished writing by then, i.e. I will have all the chapters in a generally presentable form. First iteration.
  • 1 to 8 October: Open feedback week in which I would like to distribute where the finished work to as many people to possibly get some feedback. Important info on this below! (For me, hopefully have a few days off there.)
  • 4 October: My colloquium lecture. Important info on this below!
  • 8 to 11 October: At this time I would like to incorporate the feedback received hopefully in the text.
  • 12 October: The finished work and reflected (iteration 2) state the purpose of detailed feedback to Axel, my first supervisor.
  • When Axel gives me his feedback: It too, is incorporated.
  • Then: proofreading of the text, print and bind.
  • Probably the end of October: Official submission of final finished work (iteration 3) the Examinations Office. It is presented here under CC-BY-SA.

Feedback Week

In the first week of October, I would prefer that iteration is 1 of my work a bit to the people. My very self-serving motivation for this is that I hope to get some feedback. This does not mean that I dig out the text only to people who promise me feedback. Do you have any desire to take a look in my final paper before you hand me? Is no obligation and I will not sit with feedback requests in the neck, promise. We agree only that you give me modest, if you notice anything that I can improve even more. If not then not. Deal? Then register with me.

Why do I do that feedback from Axel at the very end and isolated? Well, because Axel, this has so desired. He says, is for the supervisor feedback as usual and I's are the same.

Colloquium talk at 4.10. at 5:30pm

On 4 October (that's a Monday, the second last before classes start and thus the last before the OE week) will be held at 5:30pm my colloquium lecture, which accounts for 10% of the note of my bachelor work. I'll be there within 30 minutes of trying to display the contents of my work. Would like followed by a Q&A phase, in which I would like to ask the questions bombardment of the academic establishment and prove that my theme is not that silly. I would like to invite you very much! This is an opportunity, I finally put all the questions on teachlet that have accumulated with you. Of course, I reflect with you also like the process of writing or the method of this blog entry. But you can come to simply listen, and eat cookies.

If you want to come to my colloquium lecture, tell me that may be available soon! (!!!) This is really important because I expect so far only with a crowd size of 4 people. So tell me know if you come, so I can ensure that the room has enough seats! Plus, I have to know how many cookies should I bring about. So do not be shy. Write me at best a comment right here on this entry. I did fancy a bit of audience.

Incidentally, right before two colloquium presentations by fellow students. But I do not know if that also like to have more people want to have around, so I'd better do because no direct advertising.


I think the message is clear for this week, right? Come to my lecture and bring your friends. Next Tuesday's report from the last great writing marathon. Until then!


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