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On addressing conversational partners in german


2010-04-26, Institute for German language, Universität Hamburg

On addressing conversational partners in german

This talk was held by Luisa Dewitz and me in a course about the typological analysis of the german language by Dr. Kameyama.

Due to our topic being the first one, we had little time to prepare the talk. Fortunately we succeeded in combing through the source material, giving structure to our content and even including some interactive elements, such as the map of addressing systems in relation to each other, which was created with and by the course participants.



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N. Tholen
N. Tholen
2011-06-14 18:16:31

Der Vortrag war hilfreich und übersichtlich, wegen der Verwendung der nicht erklärten Fachbegriffe aber nur für Fachleute verständlich. Vielen Dank!