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AarophY - Trailer


2010-02-03, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

AarophY - Trailer

This video was created by Janina Nemec, Christopher Schewe and me for the Interactive Visual Computing course at the Department of Computer Science, University of Hamburg. The visuals are entirely made with POV-Ray 3.6.

This is a trailer for a fictional adventure game called AarophY, conceived as a sequel to the game ZuuL, which was developed in a different university course by a team of which Janina, Christopher and me were members. ZuuL, a rudimentary "dungeon crawler" with top down perspective, is where many of the ideas in this trailer originated - for example the cheese and sausages that seem to be strewn around the chambers.

Shouts out go to Bastian Ruhrmann, who generously donated a custom piece of music originally created for a different project. The song that's played during the credits is called "I Feel Fantastic", sung and played by the fabulous Jonathan Coulton, and is used under CC-BY-NC.

We used a POV-Ray torch flame originally created by Kenneth W., for whom I unfortunately could not find a contact address (if you're reading this and want to be credited more/differently, let me know!), and a fur texture by Rune Skovbo Johansen, who has lots of cool and useful POV-Ray information, among other things, at his website:

Feel free to have a look at other movies created for IVC.

This video is released under CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0. Some of the material we used may also be available under different licenses from other sources.



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Wraithlord88 (via YouTube)
2010-02-01 23:27:11

gute arbeit :)

isokebab (via YouTube)
2010-02-02 23:15:37

Lol, wieso erinnert mich das bloß ans SE-Praktikum? Klasse gemacht, Hut ab.

cindersan (via YouTube)
2010-02-04 15:42:49

nice ;)

neun34tel (via YouTube)
2010-02-10 22:53:59

Ja, sehr cool! Besonders die Katze gefällt mir. :D